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American Falls / Video

In a rural town in southern Idaho a Japanese-American family owns and operates a small motel, it is 1965, the height of the Civil Rights Era. One night a stranger sporting ‘city’ clothes checks in, the first African-American man that Toru Suzuki’s children have ever seen. Yoshiko, Toru’s precocious 13 year old daughter, takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of this man.


Vincent D’Onofrio
Kazumi Aihara
Louis Ozawa Changchien
Curtiss Cook
Sean Cullen
Amy Fujioka
Taishi Hosokawa

Director: Be’ Garrett

Screenplay by: Be’ Garrett and Josh Liveright

Captures / Photo Archive / Short Movies

I have updated the gallery with DVD screencaptures from the short The Investigator (1994). Huge thanks to Jules from for those!

A young male insurance investigator is given a flyer which advertises a ‘red door’. When he happens upon a young woman who lives behind a ‘red door’, they instantly hit it off. Were they fated to meet or was it mere circumstance?