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Broken Horses / Captures / Movies / Photo Archive

I have updated the gallery with 611 High Quality screencaptures from Broken Horses (2015)!

Firmly in the tradition of American Westerns, it follows the lives of the two orphaned brothers. The older one, Buddy, sees his father being shot. Vulnerable and described as “slow”, Buddy gets co-opted by gangster Julius Hench (Vincent D’Onofrio) and turns into his key assassin. While Buddy grows up in a lawless environment, younger brother Jakey is a violinist auditioning for the New York Philharmonic and on the verge of marrying his Italian girlfriend. But first Jakey must return to his dusty home town near the U.S.-Mexican border to receive his wedding present from his older brother. Returning to that one-horse town opens up unhealed wounds and forces Jakey and Buddy to confront some ugly truths.
Hench won’t let Buddy quit the job. He will do anything to keep his most efficient, easily manipulated killing machine on his rolls, including bumping off Jakey. When Jakey realizes what Buddy is up against, he orchestrates a rather poorly designed plan to help them both escape from Hench.

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I have updated the gallery with 42 DVD screencaptures from Adventures in Babysitting (1987)! Huge thanks to Jules at the for the screencaptures!

Chris Parker agrees to babysit after her “dread” date stands her up. Expecting a dull evening, Chris settles down with three kids for a night of TV… and boredom. But when her frantic friend Brenda calls and pleads to be rescued from the bus station in downtown Chicago, the evening soon explodes into an endless whirl of hair-raising adventures! Babysitter and kids leave their safe suburban surroundings and head for the heart of the big city, never imagining how terrifyingly funny their expedition will become!

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I have updated the gallery with 352 DVD screencaptures and 4 High Quality Stills from Spanish Judges (2000)! Huge thanks to Jules at the for the screencaptures!

The stranger Jack arrives in the studio of the crook collector of antiques Max and tells his ambitious companion and specialist in poisons Jamie that he is Jack’s brother. Jamie does not buy his story, dominates Jack and ties him up to a chair. When Max arrives, Jack proposes US$ 100,000.00 for each one to protect him in a negotiation of the antiques “Spanish Judges” with a wealthy and dangerous collector. Max invites his stupid acquaintance Piece, who comes with his retarded girlfriend that believes she is from Mars, to compose the backup team. However, Jack double-crosses the collector and then he intrigues Jack, Jamie and Piece.

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I have updated the gallery with High Quality screencaptures from Happy Accidents (2000)!

Ruby Weaver has man trouble: she tries to fix them, so she’s stuck herself with a string of losers. Her current lover, Sam Deed, seems different: he’s sweet, tender, just in from Dubuque. But, as Ruby tells her therapist about Sam, in flashbacks we see someone not quite of this world. In fact, Sam informs Ruby that he’s from the future, 2470 to be exact. Ruby’s sure he’s delusional, but most of the time she wants to keep him – and maybe fix him. Although he seems sane, maybe Sam hasn’t told her the real story: what’s he up to, and who is Chrystie Delancey?

Article / Jurassic World / Movies / News

On Tuesday, the Universal tentpole passed up ‘The Avengers.’

Talk about bite.

Universal and Amblin Entertainment’s Jurassic World has hit $1.522 billion at the global box office, eclipsing The Avengers ($1.520 billion) to become the No. 3 movie of all time behind Avatar ($2.788 billion) and Titanic ($2.186 billion), not accounting for inflation.

Jurassic World, directed by Colin Trevorrow, has earned $614.3 million domestically, becoming only the fourth film to ever cross $600 million. Its overseas haul is $907.3 million.

The box-office sensation stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Universal has yet to announce plans for Jurassic World 2, but a sequel is all but guaranteed.


Full Metal Jacket / Movies / Mystic Pizza / Photo Archive

I have updated the gallery with High Quality Stills from the following movies: Full Metal Jacket (1987), Mystic Pizza (1988), Signs Of Life (1989), The Blood of Heroes (1989), Naked Tango (1990), Crooked Hearts (1991), Fires Within (1991), The Player (1992), Salt On Our Skin (1992), Household Saints (1993), Mr. Wonderful (1993), Being Human (1994), and Stuart Saves His Family (1995).

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I have updated the gallery with High Quality Stills from the following movies: Good Luck (1996), Guy (1996), Feeling Minnesota (1996), The Cell (2000), Happy Accidents (2000) and Chained (2012).

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