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I have updated the gallery with additional posters and production stills for The Magnificent Seven as well as pictures of Vincent at the AOL BUILD Speaker Series on September 19.

Interview / Movies / The Magnificent Seven

Where are you shooting?
Baton Rouge. 100-and-something degrees, it’s crazy, but’s it all good. It’s an outdoor adventure. We built a town there, and then I’m going to New Mexico to shoot out there for three or four weeks. Baton Rouge is cool, man. It’s Louisiana — low-key, laid back. Gotta be careful what you eat, cause there’s a lot of good food out there. Spicy, salty, and I’m trying to stay clean. But the people are nice.

Are you one to easily shift out of that mode into talking about “Southpaw” now?
Not at all, I’m in ‘Mag Seven’ mode. So for these questions I really have to think about and remember, but you know, the movie is so personal for me anyway. I was in it so deep, so it was just a natural thing. I box every day, I have a gym built wherever I go so I still got my gym. Everyday I try to get in there and work out the mitts. So I stay in a certain mode, but I got my cowboy hat waiting for me back in Lousiana.

It’s interesting, with “Seven Samurai” and the original “Magnificent Seven” there was a certain cultural or pop culture attachment to each of the cast members. It seems you’ve done the same thing here.
Yeah, I knew I wanted Denzel, obviously. And then Ethan [Hawke], and Vincent D’Onofrio — they were the first phone calls I was making. Got Chris Pratt, who I love. Byung-hun Lee, the Korean actor — I saw him in “A Bittersweet Life” and “The Good, The Bad, The Weird,” and just wait ’til you see him in this. And then I found an unknown but great Latino actor, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, and also a Native American actor, Martin Sensmeier, who’s hardcore with a mohawk in this.

When I look at the picture and see all seven of them, they’ve all definitely got a different pop culture feel, with Denzel in the middle where Yul Brynner was. All different types of actors and ages, it keeps me going every day when it’s hot and hard and the horses don’t wanna do what you want. “Hey, it’s ‘Mag Seven’ and I got my boys.”

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