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Emerald City / Video

Emerald City / Photo Archive

6 Promotional Images of Vincent for Emerald City were released. You can check them in high quality in our gallery!

Emerald City / Events / Video

I have updated the gallery with photos of Vincent during the Emerald City Panel at New York Comic Con yesterday. You can also check out a video below of Vincent and his fellow cast members at the EW Radio. Huge thanks to my friend Claudia for the pictures!

Emerald City / Photo Archive

Eonline has released the characters posters for the upcoming series Emerald City, including The Wizard, portrayed by Vincent!

A sneak peek trailer will air during the Grimm panel at Comic-Con on Saturday, July 23, at 2:30 p.m.!

Emerald City / Photo Archive / Social Media

Emerald City / Social Media

Vincent shared this fantastic new shot of The Wizard today on Twitter!

Emerald City / Magazine Scans

A first look at Emerald City and more importantly at Vincent character, The Wizard of Oz is featured in the January 08 issue of Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to my friend Claudia at The McDonnell Rule I have added the scans to our gallery.


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